Sunday, September 9, 2007

Where I've Been

Miss me? I thought so...

I've been in a dentist's chair...not technically the entire time..but...pretty much. Got my wisdom teeth cut out...(can you say OUCH?) Then dry sockets decided to come visit (worse than bad in-laws of which I have none Seriously) and they are still here. Hurts bad...climb the wall bad. I've been back and forth to the oral surgeon for the last couple of weeks and are on a first name basis now. Really nice folks. I'll miss them. Sorta.

School's going well, neither of the boys play football, however, Roy and I have been going to the Friday night games here in town and having a blast. Almost feels like fall. ALMOST. Because it's still HOT...sharing some pictures of the All Star Pool Party and the boys fishin'. Good ole fun.

Been scrappin' like crazy, yakkin' out of my head (thank you Loratab). I'll post layouts soon.